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Which best describes YOU?

You have tried to create web graphics before, but it never seems to work out. After selling a kidney to pay for a top design package you quickly open it up, hoping for some great web graphics.

As soon as you open the design software, you are utterly confused by all the buttons, sliders, options and menus. It takes you way to long to get anything done...images never align properly, colors look awful and you haven't a clue how to tweak the images to your liking!

You end up with something that you are just not happy with, no matter how hard you try. Or...

Running a successful business is hard work. Time is money, and you simply can't afford to spend time making graphics. You would rather concentrate on the marketing.

You have outsourced work before, but the good designers are hard to find. They don't reply to emails, do work that's often rubbish and then...

They Want All Your Money!

Every time you need a footer graphic 'tweaking', a new ecover made, a quick background change, a more attention grabbing bullet point or anything else, it will cost you money.

Money that you could be using to treat yourself to a meal at your favorite Chinese restaurant, a short vacation or even a nice lump sum to reinvest into your business.

With all this cash that you are bleeding from your business, your latest design bill could easily end up looking like this...

The Numbers Really Add Up Fast, Don't They?

The bottom line is that if your website doesn't demand attention and glue your readers to the page, then your sales will suffer.

I mean, do you want a dry, lifeless website that shows all your visitors the door, like Mr. I-own-a-crappy-salespage to the left, or...a highly effective website that converts like crazy!

It's a no-brainer right?

The problem is not everyone can create beautiful, attention grabbing web graphics on their own. It doesn't matter if...

  • You simply can't create great sales page graphics

  • Don't have enough hours in the day

  • Or plain can't afford it right now

You Have To Be Wondering If There Is Another Solution?

Presentation is the key. Present your website in a professional manner and your business, presentation, sales AND conversions will automatically increase.

Poor presentation will mean that you make less sales - it's pretty simple. I see so many website's that are being hurt by poor presentation that I cringe every time I see one.

That's exactly why I decided to do something about it. I spent countless hours coming up with a solution to help these bland, lifeless websites and jumpstart their conversions...

Never again will you have to spend hours making website graphics, and you can fire your designer! Presenting...

Ultimate Website Graphics Mega Package!

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This is the ULTIMATE, MOST COMPLETE and COMPREHENSIVE package containing ALL THE GRAPHICS you need to make your website beautiful!

It also has all the supplies necessary to create those killer website designs from scratch...

Image the possibilities. I'm no mathematician but with 4,735 professional website graphics in your arsenal you can definitely make use of them.

EVERYTHING in this package has been exclusively created by my professional web graphics designer, and we are the sole copyright owners!

Here's What You'll Download In Just Minutes From Now...

Component #1: 918 Bullets And Attention Grabbers

918 powerful bullet points and attention grabbers that will suck your readers in and make them look exactly where you want them to.

Here is a small selection of the bullets you will receive...

Item Size:

Creation Time: 6 hours

Component #2: 298 Secure Logos

298 secure logos that you can use as powerful psychological motivators. They give a professional image and let your readers know that your site is totally secure.

Here's just a small sample...

Item Size:

Creation Time: 9 hours

Component #3: 105 Hot Ecovers

These 105 fill in the blanks ecovers allow you to simply enter your custom title and use them instantly on your own website!

Also included are copies of everything without text so that even if you don't have Photoshop you can still easily add your own title in any graphics software - even Microsoft Paint! Take a look at the ecovers that are included...

15 x Hardback eCovers:

15 x Box eCovers:

15 x CD Case eCovers:

15 x DVD Case eCovers:

15 x Ezine eCovers:

15 x Membership Card eCovers:

15 x Spiral Bound eCovers:

Item Size:

Creation Time: 12 hours

(These ecovers alone are easily worth the price of this whole package)

Component #4: 33 Guarantee Frames

Guarantee frames allow you to give a quality impression and really help to convince your reader that you are the real deal. It's important they fully believe your guarantee. They need to know that they can get their money back if the product's not for them.

Take a look at just some of the guarantee frames included in the package...

Item Size:

Creation Time: 4 hours

Component #5: 942 Guarantee Seals

To further build your credibility in the eyes of your readers, and assure them that you have total faith in your product, you have got to use a high quality guarantee seal. You know, like the ones that are awarded to '1st Place'? These are very high quality, professional seals that will increase your sales. Guaranteed.

Check them out...

Item Size:

Creation Time: 8 hours

Component #6: 707 Order Buttons

What's the point of a sales page if you don't ask for the order? Do it in a way that demands attention and makes it completely obvious where you want your readers to click. These 707 attractive order buttons will help force casual browsers and dedicated readers alike to click and buy.

Take a look at just some of these samples...

Item Size:

Creation Time: 5 hours

Component #7: 1,178 Price Stickers

The first thing 90% of people do when they hit your page is scroll to the bottom to check out the price. THEN they read the copy. These 1,178 price stickers make it obvious how much you are selling a product for and let your readers know that you are up front, honest and trustworthy!

Cast your eyes over a few of the samples...

Item Size:

Creation Time: 7 hours

Component #8: 493 Scribbles

Scribbles are a great way to suck the reader in, and draw their attention to a particular part of your page. They really give a personal touch and stand out from the rest of the page. Also, they are excellent at stopping those 'side-bar-scrolling' readers dead in their tracks.

Check them out...

Item Size:

Creation Time: 4 hours

Component #9: 41 Stickies

Similar to the scribbles, but these are much prettier.

What do you normally write on these yellow sticky notes? Yep, stuff you need to remember. That's exactly what your readers will do... look at them immediately and remember each and every word.

This makes them a great place to place key points, to draw attention or even use it for your call to action.

Item Size:

Creation Time: 7 hours

TOTAL: 4,735 Website Graphics

Time spent creating them: 77.5 hours!

That's 2 full working weeks. And you will get your hands on EVERYTHING instantly if you claim your mega package immediately...

PLUS ALL of these graphics come with the master Photoshop (.psd) file so that you can quickly edit them.

This means that you can create variations of any of the graphics included in this MEGA package.

The actual images are of a much higher quality and size, they have been scaled down for the web.

Every time text is used in any of the graphics, I have included a 'blank' version.

This means that even if you don't own any high-end graphics software you can still make full use of everything here. Just add your text in MS Paint and you are ready to go!

(Secret Bonus Worth Hundreds Of Dollars! In your member's area, I'll give you TWO secret resource links to instantly download top-notch professional graphics software like Adobe Photoshop absolutely FREE)

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PLUS you also get...

Hot Super Bonus: 20 Headers & Footers

If you order immediately, right now, you will also get your hands on these professional header and footer graphics.

They all come as jpg/gif images, with full PSD files and also a blank version.

That means that you don't have to use Photoshop, just add your custom text in any graphics software.

Remember, you will only get this bonus if you order immediately:

Item Size:

Creation Time: 8.5 hours

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Why You Must Grab Your Graphics Now...

  • Graphical calls to action snatches the readerís attention and holds it right on the order button. If your readers are spending longer looking at you order button, they are much more likely to 'click'.

  • Professional graphics give a professional look. If your website looks like you have spent time and money on it, people will trust you and take you seriously. (And more importantly, increase your profits)

  • Once you have copy 'n pasted these graphics in place... that's it. These professional, profit-pulling graphics will work around the clock to fatten you wallet.

  • Poorly designed websites don't make as much money as well designed ones. Period. Top-notch website design increases your response rate by as much as 700%.

  • It's brain-dead-simple to throw the graphics into your website! Just drop them in using My Free Website Builder, FrontPage or even Notepad and you're done!

  • Appealing design helps stop your readers hitting the dreaded back button. If they like what they see, they will stick around.

  • You've got to grab all those 'browsers' in the first 7 seconds or they're gone forever! Professional web graphics hypnotize them into staying right were they are.

  • Graphics are psychological motivators. They leave a vivid, lasting impression in your readers mind. Make a good impression and not only will they hand over their cash, they will trust and respect you.

  • Often a website performs poorly because the information is not displayed in a way that relates to the reader. And I'm not talking about the copy. Professional graphics let you relate to your readers, in a way that they instantly recognize. What's more graphic than a graphic? ;-)

  • If you are looking to build your list quickly, then this package can be used on your landing page, sales page or anywhere else you have your opt-in box! Add a splash of color, demand attention from your readers, and increase your opt-ins!

  • Graphics are simply the best way to relay an idea or concept to your readers. People think in visually. Give them something to think about.

  • Visitor bounce rates will drop by as much as 700%. Keep them on your page for longer with the "Ultimate Website Graphics" Mega Package.

These Website Graphics Are Perfect For:

Professional Marketers

Grab the package and you will never have to outsource your sales page design again!


Can't design to save your life? Not a problem. Included is everything you need to create your own prize-winning, profit making website!



Everything can be used to create attractive icons, attention grabbers, buttons and integrated into your software or script.



You can use the graphics on each and every one of your own websites. (although you can't use them in clients designs or resell them)


Part-Time Internet Marketers

Regardless of your level of experience, these graphics will grab your readers attention, promote the professional image you need to build credibility and make you more money!


Anyone Who Is Short Of Time

And who isn't? These graphics will save you a ton of time (not to mention money) as you just drop them on to your website and you're done.


I Love It! How Much Will It "Cost" Me?

Here's the best news as you are just in time to take advantage of an amazing offer...

The very nature of "Ultimate Website Graphics" Mega Package in it's digital form means that you get instant delivery as soon as you claim your copy. I have very low overhead costs since I don't need to produce these products on a production line.

This means that I can pass the savings directly to you and since this is a ONE-TIME special offer, you can take advantage of these savings now...

Your Measly One-Time Investment For This Mega Package Of 4,735 Website Graphics Is Just $397 $297 $197 $97 $47 $27 $17 $9.97!

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You Have Absolutely NO Risk...

Grab this awesome package and take it for a 60-day test drive.

You will see how easy it is to use these graphics. Your website will look more professional. You will save hours of your precious time and hundreds of your hard earned dollars!

60 Days Money-Back Guarantee!

I am so convinced that this package will help you to increase sales as it has countless others, I insist that you pass all of the risk to me. I stand behind my products 100% and always treat others as I like to be treated.

I am offering an unconditional 60 day money-back guarantee for your ease of mind!

If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, you will get every cent back.

This truly takes all the risk away from your small investment, placing it firmly on my shoulders - grab this now before it's too late...


YES Ewen, I Want My Graphics Now!

This Offer Will Never Be Repeated Again So Secure Your Website Graphics Now...

For a measly one-time investment of just $397 $297 $197 $97 $47 $27 $17 $9.97 I will instantly download my MEGA package stuffed with 4,735 professional graphics, and the super bonus of 20 header and footers - it's EVERYTHING I need for all my website graphics needs...

I understand that the price will increase to $97.00 officially at anytime without further warning and this is my only chance to grab it at this low price!

I also understand that once I invest I can instantly use ALL these graphics on ALL my websites.

That means I don't have to wait and I can use these amazing 4,735 professional website graphics to skyrocket my response, sales and profits immediately!

I also know I've absolutely no risk as I've 60 days to use these website graphics and still get all my money back for whatever reasons.

On that basis, let me grab everything now...

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